Antique Gold Skull Dice Set


Antique bronze skulls hang within these sharp-edged dice, numbered in bright gold.

Are these the skulls of an honored ancestor? Relics of your clerics church? Or the skulls of your vanquished enemies? Whatever you play, tell your story with these unique dice.

This 7-piece set of handmade dice are perfect for your next Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder character, or for DMs looking to strike some healthy fear into their players.

These are fully handmade resin dice. Every piece will be unique, but they will not be machine-perfect. There may be tooling marks, minor alignment issues, or other small blemishes. Every die is beautiful and completely playable, and any major issues will be specifically listed.

*Our Environmental Promise: No-compromise packaging*
I am committed to contributing as little as possible to single-use plastics and environmental damage from shipping. This includes the gift box, tape, stickers, and shipping envelope.

Every order Is packaged using biodegradeable and home-compostable materials, and where possible are FSC-certified. Tape and stickers are paper with water-based adhesive, without plastic coating. Our gift boxes and inserts are made from FSC-certified paper and viscose. Our shipping envelopes are made with paper and plant-based plastics and have BPI and TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK compost HOME certifications.

Certain shipping carriers and destinations may require adding non-biodegradable elements (such as labels or stamps) to the outer packaging.

Dice Sizes
These are the sizes of the raw cast. They will end up very slightly smaller after polishing.
D4 22mm
D6 15mm
D8 15mm
D10/% 15mm
D12 16mm
D20 20mm


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