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In celebration, here’s a free bonus location.

The Blue Tressym Cafe

Sea Ward – Cafe / Tea Shop

Walking down the wide boulevard you spot a small shopfront, with a richly lacquered sign of a blue-furred winged cat. Wrought-iron tables and chairs fill a small garden out front, where richly dressed folk sip tea from delicate china.

The Blue Tressym is an upscale neighborhood cafe catering to gentlefolk, poets, and anyone else interested in taking time out of life for a quiet sip of overpriced tea. Poetry readings are a common evening event, and you’ll also often find dilettante philosophers debating quietly in the oak-paneled interior. It is also a popular place for aspiring bards to look for noble patrons.

Sample menu for the Blue Tressym

  • Pale Jade: A light green tea, imported from the southern lands of Kara-Tur
  • White Gold: An herbal tea with a clean lemony scent, made from lemon balm and white pine needles.
  • Count Coldheart: A black tea blended in Arrabar. Hints of citrus and jasmine.
  • Ulbrinter Umber: A full-bodied black tea blended locally on contract for the Ulbrinter noble house. Flavored with black currant.