I have released a new product! It’s another entry in my RPG locations series, this time focused on the city of Baldur’s Gate. Pick it up from DMsGuild.com to seamlessly add depth to your adventures through The Gate.

In celebration, here’s a free bonus location.

Ironshell Provisions

Lower City

As you walk down a residential street, your eye is caught by a curious sight. A dozen suits of armor, and racks of weapons, are propped up in the middle of a narrow townhouse’s front stoop.

A hastily scrawled wooden board is propped against the fence, with “Ironshell Provisions” written upon it.

Ammenia Kiln (CG human commoner) has decided to finally seize her dream of opening a store catering to Adventurers, of the sort she hears tales about at the local festhall. She’s jumped in with both feet, and decided to start selling armor and weapons out of her small front yard. She enthusiastically greets anyone walking down the street, to the frustration and amusement of many neighbors, extolling the virtue of her equipment.